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Eva Blaisdell “Lady Rocket” – How Does A Brand Personality Impact The Space Industry?

Eva Blaisdell on “Lady Rocket”

As “Lady Rocket”, Eva Blaisdell has developed a brand personality in the space industry. She brings relevancy to space for regular people through education and events. In this episode of the Cold Star Project, host Jason Kanigan asks Lady Rocket:

  • How and why did you pick the “Lady Rocket” brand?
  • How has this choice of branding affected your impact over time?
  • What’s your mission and how do you keep current in carrying it out while staying on brand?
  • You are clear about using the word “tragedies” in your positioning… people often want to avoid uncomfortable topics, yet you have deliberately called one out: why?
  • What efforts does the Lady Rocket Foundation support?
  • Who is a good candidate for your help, and how do they go about requesting it?
  • Who do you believe has the biggest impact on young people and their potential interest in space/STEM? (educators or public personas, specific nations, companies?)
  • What’s your biggest frustration with the space industry worldwide at this time?
  • What areas or topics would you most like to put resources into?
  • What result are you most proud of accomplishing so far, and why?



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