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Mike Read – What Does The ISS Have To Do With The Commercialization of Space?

Mike Read on the Commercialization of the ISS

Mike Read is in the role of Manager, ISS Business and Economic Development Office at NASA Johnson Space Center. But what does the International Space Station have to do with the commercialization of space?

Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks Mike:

  • You have a non-engineering background yet are in the space field. Tell us about how this happened.
  • What is the scope of your responsibilities in the ISS Business and Economic Development Office?
  • What constitutes a success over the period of a year?
  • Can you share some recent wins?
  • How long is the ISS expected to be available?
  • If/when commercial operators have private space stations in orbit, is NASA expecting to simply be a customer?
  • Who do you want to speak with?
  • What makes a good discussion or project for you?


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