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The Cold Star Project is a podcast for tech and manufacturing founders who want help scaling their business fast. It is hosted by Cold Star Technologies founder Jason Kanigan. Many founders believe that more cash will solve their problems–or that doing “double what I’m doing now” will result in double the revenue. Not so! The purpose of the podcast is to educate founders about the challenges of scaling. We want to prepare you for the problems to come!

Season One of the Cold Star Project was centered on the unexpected challenges of scaling businesses, particularly those concerned with compliance cultures and time-based critical missions.

Season Two is focused on smallsat and other space startups specifically. A major shift is occurring in Space, from a “job shop” production mentality to a mass production automotive style. And Cold Star has much experience with that style, plus the change management skills needed to successfully transition to it.

Season Three is conversations with space industry venture capitalists. Season Four concerns operational excellence and Season Five is centered around the challenges of SBIRs, STTRs, and commercialization of new space & defense products.

The episodes provided here are not the whole playlist. Those here are a small highlighted selection. You can find all episodes on YouTube or (and from there go to the audio platform of your choice like itunes or Spotify.)

Cold Star Tech is a Promotional Partner with America’s Future Series. The America‚Äôs Future Series is a non-partisan speaker series founded in 2010 providing a civil forum to discuss U.S. Global Competitiveness and National Security.

If you are having a tough time scaling smoothly, you’re not alone. Book a call with Cold Star to see if the Red Team Experience is right for you.

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