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Your Business Can Only Grow As Big As The Way You Think About It

Verne Harnish has a great diagram in his book Scaling Up. I use it all over the place. The diagram shows 28 million firms in the USA, divided into categories by revenue. You might be surprised at just how few companies reach $50 million.

And between each category, you must go through what Harnish terms the “Valley of Death”! To scale up to the next revenue plateau, you must adapt or die.

verne harnish on scaling valley of death valleys of death

How well you adapt is directly impacted by the way you’re thinking about your business.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been searching for different ways of thinking about businesses. In this episode, I’m giving a clear example of different thinking. Three different organizations have three different ways of thinking about…and solving…the same problem.

Until now, you’ve likely been unconsciously following just one way of thinking in your business. You probably never thought there was another way of thinking about it.

Yet your competitors are surely thinking in those different ways. Which of you will succeed?

The one that adapts the best—which is the one that THINKS the best.


Show Notes

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish (not an affliate link):

Talk to Cold Star:


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