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Douglas Loverro – Can We Solve Geopolitical Problems In Space?

Past Associate Administrator, Human Exploration and Operations at NASA and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy Douglas Loverro is on the Cold Star Project. We’re discussing geopolitics, national security, and the space industry.

Douglas Loverro Interview on Geopolitical Problems in Space

Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks Doug:

Part of your messaging is to “advocate for greater use of commercial capabilities and manufacturing for future DoD space and launch missions”.

  • As a board member of several space companies, what do you believe most commercial space companies need to figure out or the lesson they most need to take to heart?
  • What capability gaps do you see?
  • What is the role of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy… What did you do / what did a typical day look like for you?
  • What positive lessons about manned spaceflight have you taken away from the NASA role?
  • Was there a “biggest surprise” in your experience there?
  • Tell us about the National Security Space Association, its goals, values, purpose.
  • How can being a member enhance the USA and one’s career?
  • What do you recommend people new to space careers get started on today to make the most out of their time and impact?


Doug’s white paper on resilience:

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