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Every Law Creates An Outlaw

In this solo episode of the Cold Star Project, I’m sharing an example of how harsh demands force people to think outside the box. And that’s often not good for you.

The brutal demands on Germany of the 1919 Versailles Treaty ending WWI prompted Weimar politicians and military officials to come up with creative means to circumvent those restrictions. These means enabled Germany to pay off reparations much more quickly than anticipated and get out of economic domination, and also train and upgrade their armed forces in a way the treaty was specifically designed to prevent. Germany took their activities “off the radar” of the victorious Allies.

Creating Accidental Outlaws When Managing Change And In Process Improvement

every law creates an outlaw mock tank practice illegal forbidden banned versailles treaty kama school kazan
German mock tank practice at Kama Tank School on leased Soviet land near Kazan.

If you can’t see an event, you can’t audit it. As we’ve covered in past discussions, poor documentation results in stories changing over time…and the lessons you thought you learned often being invalidated.


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