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Brian Reynolds – Improving Manufacturing Firms In the $50 – 100 Million Space

Brian Reynolds helps family-run firms, often in the manufacturing space, in the $50 – 100 million revenue range “replace stale and ineffective business models with modern, integrated sales & marketing processes.”

In this episode of the Cold Star Project hosted by Jason Kanigan, Brian Reynolds talks about the challenges of navigating the family through a process of discovery…so your plans can survive the holiday dinner you are not invited to.

Is the business’ vision separated from its tasks? Is there succession planning? And how important is branding to the owners? These are key questions Brian raises in our discussion.

Brian notes that it’s a terrible idea to run your business as if nothing bad will ever happen. Yet that is how most are operated. Listen in and find out what you can be doing differently as a business owner to ensure yours doesn’t get stuck.

Navigating Process Improvement Projects With Family-Run Firms


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