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Facebook Ads Are Going Up In Price! What Are You Going To Do About It?

Especially since the day Facebook and several other platforms crashed on March 13, 2019, business owners and ads managers have noticed a rise in the cost of Facebook ads.

Your costs of advertising will continue to rise, as will the level of complexity and the time necessary to return a positive ROI on customer acquisition.

What can you do to make this situation better?

How To Fight Back Against Increasing Advertising Costs

Jason Kanigan of Cold Star Tech digs into what you can do to combat the increasing costs of marketing on these platforms:

What will you do to ensure your business is around next year?

You need to get more out of what you’ve got. Generating more leads is not the answer. Converting more of the leads you are paying for is.

We investigate such conversion improvement methods such as:

  • using an indoctrination funnel
  • getting out of the groupthink of dashboards
  • documenting and refining your processes

    and more!

Need help with what we’ve talked about in this episode? Talk to Cold Star

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