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Michael Mealling – What Space Companies Do Venture Capitalists Invest In?

General Partner at Starbridge Venture Capital and President of the Moon Society Michael Mealling is on the Cold Star Project. Michael has long been both a technical and business leader in the space field. Our main aim in this episode is to clear up the question of What Kind Of Space Companies Do Venture Capitalists Invest In?

With host Jason Kanigan, Michael Mealling discusses:

  • how venture capital works for space companies
  • what Starbridge’s definition of “space company” is, and what factors make a space company an attractive investment opportunity
  • what Starbridge does not invest in, and why the reason the space sector needs more sector-focused VCs
  • why venture capitalists are not typically interested in space mining, space solar power, antimatter, Mars colonies etc.
  • where Michael sees space investment headed over the next decade
  • the Moon Society’s mission and current events.



Show Notes

Starbridge Venture Capital website:

Moon Society website:

Talk to Cold Star:


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