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Dylan Taylor – Scaling Space Companies with Voyager Space Holdings

Dylan Taylor, founder of space investment firm Voyager Space Holdings, has a perspective on growing companies that’s different from traditional venture capitalists. Voyager takes a majority share ownership and the long view, unrestrained by typical fund life windows.

On the Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks Dylan:

  • Does Voyager take over the day-to-day management of its acquisitions? Do you put your own CEO in charge? What values/vision do you look for in leadership?
  • Tell us the story of the first acquisition for Voyager, and what you learned in the process. What did you learn to do differently next time? What could have cost you a ton of money if you hadn’t done things a certain way?
  • How has space investing changed over the last several years?
  • How is space investing different from other types of investments in other industries? What makes a sector-specific fund a better investor than a generalist?
  • In addition to being a business person, you are also a philanthropist. Why?
  • You founded the non-profit Space for Humanity. What is Space for Humanity’s mission?
  • It was announced recently that you have commissioned the first private moon payload on the Xplore mission for the benefit of Space for Humanity. What is that all about?
  • Do you find that you’re the very first potential investor a founder or group of co-founders has approached…or have they been through discussions with one or more other VCs first? How has this affected discussions?
  • What other project are you working on or are excited about? What frustrates you about the industry, if anything? What gives you the most hope about where the industry is going?

Voyager Space Holdings website:

Space for Humanity website:

2211.World website:


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