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Bill Kemp – Creating Space Structures On The Moon

United Space Structures founder Bill Kemp is on the Cold Star Project, and we’re talking about creating space structures on the Moon. USS’ goal is to develop real estate via structures for living and working in on the Moon safe inside lava tubes.

Host Jason Kanigan asks Bill:

  • What kind of business model does United Space Structures have?
  • What kind of tenants do you want to have at your facilities?
  • Tell us about the lunar infrastructure service you intend to provide
  • What is the “marketplace need” for this offer?
  • What level of budget is required to move ahead? Is it needed in stages or as a lump sum?
  • What is the potential Return On Investment (ROI) for your lunar facilities?
    How many facilities do you want to build and where?
  • What technical requirements are needed to implement this solution? Why not an inflatable approach?
  • What kind of partners are you seeking to support the project?
  • Tell us about the preparation & learning required to get to this point.


United Space Structures website:


Talk to Cold Star:


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