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Moriba Jah – What To Improve In Space Situational Awareness

Dr. Moriba Jah returns to the Cold Star Project so we can have an even more in-depth discussion about space situational awareness. As host Jason Kanigan has become increasingly educated about the issues in space object identification, tracking and orbital prediction, this enables a deeper look at the issues.


Questions Dr. Jah answers include:

  • Why is it a problem that satellite orbit pathing predictions assume a spheroid shape? What issues does this create?
  • What can we do to improve the predictive ability of satellite pathing calculations? Why do we need to improve this accuracy–what’s the rush, what’s driving this need?
  • What is the technology behind space traffic management: what era is it from, and how does it work? Who operates it?
  • What would a better system look like, and who should operate it?
  • Why was the Two Line Element format chosen? What’s wrong with TLEs?
  • In the past year space situational awareness and space domain awareness have finally been getting more of the attention it deserves. What else needs to happen to gain the energy to make change and the funding required to do so?


Talk to Cold Star:


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