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Adam Anderson – Should I Be Looking To Fire Myself As A Space Or Defense Founder?

Adam Anderson on the Perils of Starting a Business in the Space and Defense Industry

Venture capitalist Adam Anderson got into the space industry by way of cybersecurity. He knows what it takes to start up successful businesses–and when to get out of your own way as the founder so the business can grow further. Host Jason Kanigan asks Adam:

  • How did you get involved in space investing?
  • What was your journey to get to now? What level have you been involved in in space investing? (company size, maturity level at start/end, pre/post revenue)
  • Has there been an evolution in your choices?
  • What “brutal lessons” have you learned by being a space industry investor?
  • What’s the most frustrating thing you keep seeing?
  • How important is the tech when the leadership of a startup is pitching you?
  • What’s the thing you keep banging your head against the wall about, wishing people would have ready to bring to you when they come to pitch?
  • Is there a consistently encountered hurdle when moving from pre- to post-revenue?
  • Anything blocking the move from zero to one?
  • What have you noticed that indicates to you a startup team will be successful? And a failure?
  • From your perspective, is there light at the end of the tunnel? Is it likely that space industry startups will begin to be developed and funded any time soon as, say, SaaS companies do today?



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