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Chris Quilty – What Makes A Good Startup In The Space Industry?

Chris Quilty on Startups in the Space Industry

Space industry analyst Chris Quilty joins host Jason Kanigan on the Cold Star Project to discuss what makes a good startup in the field. As a 20+ year veteran of space and satellite analysis, Chris founded Quilty Analytics in 2016. Jason asks Chris:

  • What was it that made you realize opening your own firm was a better idea after 20 years of working for another firm?
  • You speak about benchmarking in your profile ⏤ what indicators do you look for that demonstrate a good investment?
  • Are space startups offering the exit opportunities investors want?
  • How far are we from having a true “commercial space industry”?
  • What’s your opinion of SPACs and how gun-shy do you believe investors will be going forward?
  • You’ve stated that you believe the regulatory environment for space firms has become more favorable. Can you explain what has been happening and factors contributing to this?
  • How is the defense and intelligence community reacting to the emergence of a commercial space industry.  Are they resisting or embracing the change?
  • Are you seeing out-of-sector venture capital more willing to fund space startups?
  • What should these VCs be cautious about and look for as positives?



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