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Matthew Travis – Why Do We Need Environmentally Friendly Propulsion For Space Launch?

Matthew Travis on Environmentally Friendly Propulsion

Experienced space startup founder Matthew Travis returns to the Cold Star Project. What has his journey and pivot been like as he finds product-to-market fit in the space industry? What need is there for environmentally friendly propulsion for space launch and spacecraft? Host Jason Kanigan asks Matt:

  • What indicators have you found that point to a need for environmentally friendly propulsion technology for space launch?
  • Who’s your customer?
  • How did you focus on nanosatellites as your target market?
  • How will this technology impact the marketplace and the planet’s ecosystem?
  • Tell us about your journey in developing this technology. What R&D hurdles and successes have you experienced?
  • When it comes to the operational areas of Sales and Production, what have you learned? Especially since this is not your first space company.



NASA’s Green Propulsion Roadmap:

The European Union is moving toward banning hydrazine. Ref: REACH

Aphelion Aerospace website:

OpEx Society:

Talk to Cold Star:


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