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Arthur Alphin – Emotion vs Expertise, Precedent vs Fact: Could You Be Fooled?

Arthur Alphin on Court Proceedings After Shootings

We are simply not as “science-y” as we think we are. People presented to us as experts, precedent, and emotions non-factually impact our decisions–and can put the wrong people behind bars for a long time. Fashion of the moment, storytelling, and “they way we’ve always done things” can be enemies of improvement. Do you believe you’re immune to such influences?

Lt. Col. Arthur Alphin is a firearms & ballistics expert and weapons systems engineer. In this role he is called upon in court to demonstrate how the opposing side’s so-called “scientific” tests, representation of events and other issues in shooting cases simply aren’t true. I discovered Art as the creator of a West Point video training series about weapons, and ask him here to elaborate on his experience and observations concerning the validity of court proceedings when it comes to shootings. You likely be extremely surprised and disturbed.



Antiaircraft round screenshot referred to around 37:00:

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