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Becky Schultz – When Should We Be Thinking About SBIR/STTR Product Commercialization?

CEO of Compass Technology Group LLC Becky Schultz joins host Jason Kanigan on the Cold Star Project, and our topic of discussion is commercialization of products developed through SBIR/STTR grant funding.

Becky Schultz on SBIR/STTR Funding

Jason asks Becky to tell us about her background and its relevance to SBIR/STTR awards:

  •  What was your initial intention in getting grant money: to develop tech/IP, or move towards commercializing a product? Why?
  • Share your experience with the grant awards process…quirks, takeaways, frustrations
  • What problem were you solving and how did you know the market would be interested in buying?
  • Your focus on commercialization ⏤ success stories, struggles (supply chain, scaling manufacturing processes?)
  • What do you recommend for those seeking grant funding, in terms of purpose/focus/approach/expectation.


Useful Links:

Compass Technology Group LLC website:

OpEx Society:

Talk to Cold Star:


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