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David Carroll – How Does Product and Customer Development Work With Phase I and II SBIRs?

CU Aerospace President David Carroll kicks off a new season of the Cold Star Project as we discuss the challenges of productizing a new space tech invention. After the struggle of winning an SBIR, then developing the technology, what are the hurdles to commercializing the result?

David Carroll on Commercializing SBIR Technology

Host Jason Kanigan asks Dr. Carroll:

  • What problem were you aiming to solve when you applied for the specific SBIR we’re discussing today?
  • Who was the customer or target user?
  • How did you discover that a focus on having a customer was critical and a good starting point for tech development?
  • What challenges did you have in getting the award, and then running the program?
  • What conditions or advantages does having a partner eg. U of Illinois bring to the table?
  • What have you seen in terms of grant awards that has made you scratch your head?



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