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Bleddyn Bowen – What Will War In Space Really Look Like?

Bleddyn Bowen, PhD, is the author of War In Space: Strategy, Space Power, Geopolitics. He has a different point of view on space warfare than the typical one we see from fanboys and mechanistic white papers.

Bleddyn Bowen on War in Space

On this episode of the Cold Star Project, host Jason Kanigan asks Bleddyn:

  • How do you operationally define space power?
  • What are the “levers and dials”?
  • What does “winning” mean in this environment?
  • What is ‘space warfare’?
  • Why do you believe Clausewitz remains relevant today and in the space domain?
  • How does geopolitics apply to space?
  • Are there equalizing forces?
  • What international issues should we be paying attention to that could impact space warfare?
  • When it comes to the actualities of space warfare, what are the critical elements?
  • What is the significance of the new US Space Force?
  • Why did you write and publish a book on the topic (War In Space: Strategy, Space Power, Geopolitics)?
  • Who are you intending to impact, and why?


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Books discussed:

Bleddyn Bowen, War In Space: Strategy, Space Power, Geopolitics (Edinburgh University Press):

Donald Kagan, On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace:

Paddy Griffith, Forward into Battle: Fighting Tactics from Waterloo to the Near Future:

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