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Joseph Paris – Who Has the Wisdom In Your Organization? Operational Excellence

State of Readiness author Joseph Paris is the inaugural guest on Season Four of the Cold Star Project. Joseph is also the founder of the Operational Excellence Society and Readiness Institute, and is the go-to expert for OpEx executives of large civilian and military organizations.

Joseph Paris Interview On Operational Excellence

In this conversation with fellow OpEx pro and Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan, we discuss:

  • why the typical OpEx executive focus on tactical cost-cutting rather than strategic capacity and revenue growth is a critical mistake
  • what blocks you from having operational excellence in your organization (it’s not a lack of TPS or process optimization)
  • what to do about the common feeling of isolation within organizations as an OpEx professional
  • the reason depending on yourself as the OpEx executive in your organization to develop training programs is job-killing wishful thinking and setting you up for failure
  • why communication is often terribly bad within larger companies, and how you can positively guide your firm to becoming a true learning organization
  • the problems we see in communication and learning in distributed organizations, particularly during the current global event forcing people to work remotely, and what to do about them
  • OpEx killers such as not tracking further projects and successes beyond the initial one prompted by getting a training program.


Jason Kanigan is also a Board of Advisors member of the Operational Excellence Society.

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