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Eric Felt – What Is The State of Space And US National Security With AFRL/NM?

Eric Felt on US National Security with AFRL/NM

Director of the Air Force Research Lab/New Mexico’s Space Vehicles Directorate Col. Eric Felt joins us for a discussion of US national security and the state of the space industrial base on this episode of the Cold Star Project. Host Jason Kanigan asks Col. Felt:

  • In your talk earlier this year at the National Security State of the Space Industrial Base 2021 event you termed the US position as “tactically strong, strategically fragile”. Can you explain in more depth what you meant?
  • In the same talk you mentioned you’re “hearing all the right words but not necessarily seeing the right investment”–budgeting hasn’t changed in the past 5 years (How about an increase from the current 20% of DoD authority invested in purchasing commercial goods & services?). What does this translate into for action, outreach, dialogue, partnerships, and more?
  • What should DoD’s or AFRL’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) / North Star be for the immediate future?
  • How valuable would you say improvements made leading DoD to make faster decisions would be?
  • It’s easy to run around like Chicken Little, exclaiming the sky is about to fall. How big a threat is China, really? the
  • What should we be watching for on the military side?
  • What new developments at AFRL NM can you share with us?



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