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Shelli Brunswick – How Does Advocacy And Mentorship Influence The Space Industry?

The COO of Space Foundation, Shelli Brunswick, is our guest on this episode of the Cold Star Project. After a successful Air Force career Shelli has taken on many mentorship and influencer roles in the space industry. But how impactful are advocacy and mentorship roles in space?

Shelli Brunswick on Mentorship

Host Jason Kanigan asks:

  • Tell us about Space Foundation’s mission, what have been your biggest challenges as Chief Operating Officer of Space Foundation?
  • What has surprised you?
  • Where do you see Space Foundation’s role directing activity for the next decade, and how do you intend to carry that out?
  • What’s the long term goal of the Space4Women Network you’re a Mentor with?
  • Can you share a story of how it has worked so far?
  • You’re Chairperson of the Space Tourism Society Africa…tell us about the organization, how it formed and how you got involved…and how you believe it’s having an effect You’re also Chairperson of the Women In Aerospace Foundation. With your involvement in all these existing organizations, do you believe it’s best to advocate for women in aerospace this way, or is there a need for a new organization that doesn’t yet exist?
  • Something that would address a hole you see in the industry’s needs?



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