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Glenn Carlson – What Is The Modern Mission of the Association of Old Crows?

Glenn Carlson on Association of Old Crows

Former Air Force Lt. Colonel and instructor Glenn Carlson was president of the electronic warfare industry’s Association of Old Crows in 2022. Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks AOC President Glenn Carlson:

  • How did the AOC get started?
  • Tell us about your background. How did you join the Old Crows, and how did you become its president?
  • What’s your mission?
  • How do you stay energized and sharp after 36+ years in the role as a member, board member, and president?
  • How did the Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance come about?
  • What’s its purpose and what involvement do you have with it?
  • What is the state of electronic warfare in US defense?
  • What impact does the AOC have that is likely out of the public eye?
  • What does the AOC offer its members?



Glenn Carlson LinkedIn profile:

Association of Old Crows website:

OpEx Society: 

Talk to Cold Star:


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