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Jim Padilla Interview – Charging a $50000 Setup Fee

What does it take to charge a $50K setup fee for working with your firm?

How To Command A Significant Startup Fee For Working With You

Jim Padilla of Gain The Edge is on the Cold Star Project to share his experience and the details of what it takes to do so.

* the value

* the mindset

* the sale you first have to make to yourself

* the credibility elements

* the process necessary to work with the buyer

are key and all explained in this episode. Just wanting to bill big fees is not enough: you need to have several pieces of the puzzle in place to be able to take this impactful step.


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The Cold Star Project digs into the challenges of scaling fast that tech and manufacturing founders encounter. Money does not solve all problems–so what now? Listen in to discover what scaling problems you’ll be running into soon, and get a serious advantage in starting to solve them before they run you over!

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