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Katie Bilek – How Can US Space and Defense Startups Team with Primes and Government using govmates?

Space and defense startups frequently have a tough time “being heard” in the field. Not only that, but these small companies struggle with learning the byzantine paths to discovering and connecting with prime contractors and government organizations who could be looking for their technical help. Katie Bilek co-founded govmates in 2015 to smooth the way and assist in making teaming connections. If you’re a space or defense startup founder looking for help in developing these kinds of connections, listen in to our discussion.

Katie Bilek on govmates

Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks govmates’ Katie Bilek:

  • Why did you co-found Govmates?
  • What need did you see, and what did it take to get the connections and support required?
  • How does Govmates add value to the marketplace?
  • What problem does govmates solve?
  • What background do you have that you feel empowered your decision?
  • How does membership in Govmates work?
  • What can members expect?
  • Who is the right kind of person to be signing up for membership?
  • What stage should their business be at?
  • Is TS clearance a requirement for all members?
  • What kind of mistakes do you see new members signing up making, that when corrected or avoided will help their company get seen more effectively and make better connections?
  • It’s 10 years from now… how do you see Govmates in form and function?
  • How has it grown and are there any changes in its strategic direction?


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