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Gordon Roesler – Why Do We Need Commercial Logistics Systems for Space?

Robots In Space founder Dr. Gordon Roesler returns to the Cold Star Project following his appearance as a speaker at the State of the Space Industrial Base 2021 event. We’re looking at the need for commercial logistics systems for space, and why the US needs to invest in these in a hurry.

Gordon Roesler on Commercial Logistics Systems in Space

Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks Gordon Roesler:

  • Let’s describe our topic: Logistics in space, Commercial logistics systems. What do they consist of, and what do they enable?
  • What are we missing now and why is it a problem?
  • How important is logistics in space in terms of our ability to compete with China?
  • Describe the importance of modularity in the development of these systems. What does a “space container” look like and why is the concept so useful?
  • How do you envision funding to work for developing commercial logistics systems for space?
  • What differences do you see between government perspective vs. private perspective?
  • Are there things government can do to allow and encourage the funding and development of commercial systems? (who chooses the architecture, how do commercial investors make their money back).


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