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Rick Ward – Has The Time Come For Edge Computing In Space?

Rick Ward is the founder of OrbitsEdge, a space industry firm focused on edge computing. Has the time come for the adoption of edge computing in space?

Rick Ward on Edge Computing

Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks Rick:

  • Lay out the case for edge computing in the context of the space industry…We’re about to generate more data and put more strain on the Deep Space Network…how do we handle it?
  • What technology is needed?
  • Do we have this tech today?
  • How will the Cislunar economy impact this data pipeline requirement?
  • What timeline could we be looking at for this?
  • We’ve doubled the population of satellites over the past two years (Starlink)…may double again over next two and continue to, applying ongoing pressure. Are there any plans to respond to these requirements?
  • What kind of anecdotal evidence can you provide that you’re seeing people recognizing themselves that there’s an impending data problem?
  • Explain the Compute-as-a-Service … who’s the customer?
  • What is OrbitsEdge’s intention to do next?



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Disclaimer: We were not remunerated in any way by Richard Ward or OrbitsEdge for this discussion.

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