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Daniel Penaranda – What Is the ISU-FIT Commercial Space Program Like?

Space business development and aeronautical engineering pro Daniel Penaranda is on the Cold Star Project to share his experience in International Space University – Florida Institute of Technology’s (ISU-FIT) Commercial Space Program.

This graduate level course prepares participants for the realities of creating commercial space businesses.

Daniel Penaranda on the Commercial Space Program

Join us as host Jason Kanigan asks Daniel:

  • Tell us about your background, and why you chose to attend the Commercial Space Program?
  • What were your thoughts and emotions going into the Commercial Space Program?
  • Did you have a clear mental picture of what was going to happen and what outcomes you were going to achieve?
  • What resources and assignments were you provided, so you could learn by working?
  • Tell us about the assignments. Was the networking accessible through the program useful?
  • What kind of connections have you made?
  • What were the most surprising outcomes, realizations or things you had to change your mind about due to being in the program?
  • For space & defense folks who haven’t taken the program, what’s the #1 idea you believe they need to hear? 


Disclaimer: We were not remunerated in any way by Daniel Penaranda or ISU-FIT for this discussion.

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