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Basuti Bolo – How Is The Space Industry Impacting Southern Africa?

Basuti Bolo on Space in Africa

Basuti Bolo is a space educator in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

In this episode of the Cold Star Project, host Jason Kanigan explores the state of the space industry in Southern Africa by asking Basuti:

  • What was your experience growing up, and how did you get involved with STEM?
  • What path did you take to enter your field?
  • Botswana and Zimbabwe are landlocked countries… how has their geography impacted its development and ideas of national space programs?
  • Is there cooperation or competition?
  • What does the average Botswana or Zimbabwe citizen think of space and space-based technology?
  • What do you believe the most significant challenge for Southern Africans is regarding development and user adoption of space technology?
  • What will farmers get out of having the “precise data” promised by spectral imagery?
  • Tell us what’s involved in your role as Space for Women Ambassador to Botswana If you had the resources to do what you pleased concerning a space education and technology development program for Southern Africa, what would you concentrate your effort upon?



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