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SaaS Sales Problems and the Battle of Dorking

The sales problems SaaS firms had in 2007 persist today! It’s as if nobody has learned anything over the past decade. In this episode of the Cold Star Project, we investigate a fascinating example of marketing that resulted in significant operational change.

Marketers and salespeople, in addition to SaaS and tech company founders, will find a unique point of view and great value in this discussion.

The Battle of Dorking 1875 is a fascinating example of marketing using a distribution channel from well over a century and a quarter ago. You have better means of reaching your target market available to you today. Tapping into existing anxieties of your target market is a fast and effective way of jumping over the Trust Hurdle. It’s a bypass beyond the typically slow way marketers work to achieve the “Know, Like and Trust” trifecta and close in on sales.

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